What is marble and natural stone restoration?

Restoration for stone surfaces means that the stone requires more attention than just cleaning. This can include scratch removal, honing and polishing the surface to meet customers expectations. Grout replacement, adhesive and sometimes paint removal that is extreme can be considered restorative. The absolute beauty of natural stone is that it can always be restored to its original look and glory.

My granite countertops aren't shiny anymore. What do I do?

Granite gets dull because something is causing the stone to refract light instead of reflect light. The cause of refracting light is due to many contributing factors, soap residue and mineral deposits are the main culprits in most households. The solution to bring back the luster and shine is to have the stone properly cleaned to remove the minerals and soap build up. next is to polish the surface and lastly is to apply a high quality penetrating sealer. We also recommend having a soft water system installed to slow down the process of mineral build up on all hard surfaces.

How can I bring back the beautiful shine my natural stone floors had when they were new?

We recommend having them professionally cleaned and or restored by a reputable company. I have seen way too many floors compromised by do it yourself homeowners or cleaning companies that just simply do not know what they are doing. In the long run it is cheaper to have it done correctly the first time.

How do I keep my stone clean?

Sweep or vacuum the floor often, dry particulate debris acts like sandpaper and scratches your floor as you walk across it with shoes on. Secondly clean the floor with a neutral cleaner made for natural stone. We recommend using a micro fiber type mop for this process.

What is the best way to clean granite countertops?

Clean your granite countertops daily with a product specifically made for granite. Spray product on the surface and wipe dry with a microfiber towel, If this does not show improvement you may need to call a professional.

Do I need to seal all my surfaces - stone, tile, grout and concrete?

High quality penetrating sealers always help the stone to maintain its beauty by simply not allowing the stone to be as absorbent. This helps the stone to be cleaned and maintained by the homeowner thus giving the stone a high quality look and longevity with fewer visits from a professional. Long term advantages are that it keeps moisture out that eventually cause cracks and fissures in the stone. For grout and cement the idea is the same with even more reason to apply a quality sealer due to those products being highly absorbent.

Can you fix cracks in marble or other natural stone?

We can fix cracks and holes in marble and natural stone. We use products to match and suit whatever stone we are working on to blend the natural look already existing.

How much dust will be created during the restoration of my floor?

We use a zero dust method in your home. No need to worry about extra clean up or breathing unwanted dust in your home while we work.

Where can I find information about caring for my stone?

You can always contact us directly and we can lead you in the right direction for solutions and methods. We always educate our customers on how to maintain their countertops and floors the correct and safe way.

What should I do about stains in my stone?

We always ask that you first use a neutral cleaner made for natural stone, if that does not work you can always try 3% over the counter hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it dwell for 12 hours and covering the stain with plastic, remove plastic after 12 hours and wipe stain to see what the results are. If needed you can repeat the same procedure several times.

Can I put a hot pan on my granite countertop?

Granite can endure extreme heat but i would never recommend putting a hot pan on counters. Too many other variables that can lead to a heat induced stain that would be hard to remove or even impossible at times.

What is the advantage of having natural stone?

Besides the beauty of natural stone I would have to say that if you maintain it properly and have it professionally worked on periodically, that you will have a surface that will last a lifetime and can look as good as the day it was installed 20/30 yrs ago or longer.

What kind of sealer to use for natural stone?

High quality penetrating sealers. They will give water and oil repellency while allowing the stone to breathe naturally, they also will not change the look or texture thus leaving the original look of the stone.

Does cleaning my carpet too often ruin my carpet?

No, not if it is done properly. Truckmount steam cleaning is the recommended and preferred method of cleaning by all the experts and Carpet manufacturers. With that said you need to hire a company that is experienced and educated on the proper ways of running the equipment, knowledge of the chemistry needed to clean without jeopardizing the warranty or performance of the carpet.

How often should i get my carpets cleaned?

Top manufacturers/ brands recommend every 18 months should be a rule of thumb, we at New Finish Floor Care also recommend the same with an added recommendation. Due to some carpets getting more traffic and abuse than others and if that is the case in your household you should consider cleaning more often sometimes every 6 months. Remember waiting too long creates additional problems especially premature wear and tear and wear is not correctable.